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Honestly I don’t like writing specific personal stuff , but I wanted to make this an exception. I wanted to share to you guys what I have been going through a part of my life.

We always had a plan for the future, my B and I. 

3 days ago, that changed when my B decided to change and broaden his options of what his future may be. I felt confused, hurt, melancholic, and betrayed. I was having mixed emotions. First that came into my mind was why now?  Why did you suddenly change your mind when we are so close to the finish line. 

Second was I wanted to be happy for him and say GOOD FOR YOU but in the back of my mind was WHAT ABOUT ME?
I don’t think he realized that his change of plans will somehow affect me and my relationship with him. 

Third was WHAT ABOUT US?

we always had a plan, but right now honestly I don’t know what think anymore. 


So I think my point here in this blog is that I have a sudden realization that he could do whatever he wants, and I will support whatever decision he makes because I LOVE HIM. 

But I can not change my future plans because of him, I can not always wait for him to decide his future and then decide my own. I have to take a stand that sometimes we have to be strong and make the decision ourselves. I am still very much in love with him and although I still sadden my his change of mind, I can’t not let it affect my future. 

Why now? Now its the right time, before its too late.

Good for you but What about me? Be selfless.

I have to understand that sometimes we have to make sacrifice and be strong in order to make the right choice. I will stand firm on my previous and still present goal.

What about us? Understanding and Support.

Right now all I can do is understand and support his change of goals. I can honestly say I don’t know what will happen eventually because I know its not going to be easy. But right now I just want to focus on today, and not worry about tomorrow. 

Praying for understanding, guidance, patience and wisdom. 

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When you find true love, home is no longer a place. It’s the person you love and wherever they are, you are home.

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